PPL Private Pilot Curse

If you like to fly and feel like having the whole control, the best way to enjoy the flight is to become a private pilot – PPL-A.

The Private pilot course is part of the European standard AIRCREW-FCL program and is recognised by the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA). We are certified fly school E-DTO-058. 

There is no need of previous knowledge to access, Ifly prepares you to be a good pilot, with full theory and also with flight practices. Once you have approved the course (PPL-A), you will become a pilot and you will be able to fly single engine airplanes (SE) according to the visual Flight rules (VFR), for recreational orsporting purposes, all over Spain and Europe.


Flight Course in a Cirrus SR 22

A certificate from PPL (Private pilot) will allow you to fly alone, with family or friends wherever you choose, flying in your own plane, or flying with airplanes ceded by other members of our Ifly Club. From day one, you’ll be in the cockpit being supported by our experienced pilot.

What makes us different?

We provide you with all the procedures and materials to learn how to fly, you will only have to study comfortably and easily from anywhere.

What if you have any questions?

We Will send you one of our highly-qualified personal trainers wherever you prefer to, so you can solve out all your doubts personally. We’ll manage the flight practice days in advance

Garmin Course

With the course of initiation to the G1000, and with a few simple classes you will be able to obtain all the necessary training to make your flights safer. The aim of this course is to take full advantage of the potential that the G1000 team can offer.

Prepare yourself so can get used to focus your attention automatically to the right place. You will be able to use Garmin’s fabulous advanced technology capabilities, you’ll learn the fastest and most efficient way to fly. When you finish the full course, you will become an expert user.

With the help of a pilot instructor, you can easily demonstrate your Garmin’s capabilities and feel that it is truly magnificent.

At the end of the course, we’ll issue your title that credits the knowledge you have acquired with the management of the G1000. You will have the value of your own security and authorizes the use of other aircraft with this modern system.

Drone Course

  • A) Meet our expert coaches
  • B) Learn with our model drone DJI MAVIC PRO, you don’t need to bring one
  • C) Familiarize yourself during 45 minutes of flight, basic maneuvers, orientation and other more advanced maneuvers.
  • D) Step into the computer program DJI go 4 to fully understand the exercise
  • E) Learn what to do if you lose the GPS, or if you run out of battery in the middle of a maneuver
  • F) Practice flying with several intelligent modes
  • G) Capture pictures and videos from your location
  • H) Learn the best flight practices to be a good drone pilot
  • Consult all your questions with your coach about regulations, regulations, operations, checklist and muchmore….

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